Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oh! Bossa Nova Freebies at Relika!

Tons of new freebies this week!

First, from Moire Georgette of Bossa Nova, she's used her signature texture to make this lovely flex dress on the top, which is available in her shop in Dos Corazones for only 1L$. Similar to her lovely Mariana dresses, the dress can appear almost sheer in some lights, so be forewarned!

She's had the bikini available for a while, and it comes in a variety of configurations and layers. It includes a bikini or thong bottom and a bra cup or halter top. Very nice! Also, only 1L$. Bossa Nova secondlife://Dos Corazones/79/122/25

Next up is Rosemary Galbraith of Oh! What a Neat ... Boutique and her newest freebie, the Sequined Flexi Dress in Aqua - very cute, very sassy, nicely done and the prim bow sits just right along the belt. It's very sweet and you just can't beat the price. She has quite a few sequinned items at the moment and I am a sucker for her corsets. ;) Oh! What a Neat ... Boutique secondlife://Seonggye/82/92/601

Last but not least is the package of freebies from Relika Itamae - she's put together three lovely jacket-layer sweaters with very chic prim neck scarves in blue/black, green/gold and a deep purple. On the top, a bohemian layered look with the La Belle Skirt by Material Squirrel and purple ballet flats from Kitty's Rampage. On the bottom, a preppier look with the blue plaid pants from TART. Relika secondlife://Eventide South/128/199/26

Girls best friend jewelry set by Pasha Korvin of ~KorvinKreations~
Radiant Hair in Dark Brown by ETD
Skin Hybrid II Spectral by Santana Lumiere of Nevermore Studios

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Dorsai said...

HMM You certainly have a nose for the bargain and taste as well!
How about Something for the male 1/2 of SL ;)