Thursday, April 23, 2009

Knockout at Pixeldolls

I logged in tonight, and got a notecard from Pixeldolls, a new dress named "Knockout".  Thinking that I must already have it, as I spent a barrelful of Lindens there the other night buying many of her latest dresses, I almost deleted this one.  But no, I didn't have it, and it's aptly named.  

Knockout features a tea-length to full-length dress, a lacy overlay bodice with off the shoulder sleeves, a mildly plunging sweetheart neckline, a multi-tiered flexi prim beaded and fishnet lace skirt, over fishnet stockings.  Flirty yet prim, it reminds me somewhat of the Erte styles - draping and beading and elegance.  Just lovely.  Comes in five colors - blue, red, brown, pink, and of course, black.  And, only 100 L$ each.  At that price, the decision is easy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I've Been Blogged

Lilliekins at Blogged

Well, whaddaya know?

Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Guild Visits SL

World2Worlds hosted a live event in their Seaside Theatre tonight featuring some of the cast from the interweb series "The Guild".  Felicia Day who plays "Codex", Sandeep Parikh who plays "Zaboo", and Jeff Lewis who plays "Vork" were in attendance.  Their avatars were created by Rissa Maidstone of World2Worlds, and were modeled on their gamer avatars as played by their actors in the series, or as Felicia Day puts it a "meta-meta-meta thing."The actors themselves may be very familar to many, if you haven't heard of "The Guild".  From "Buffy" (Day) to "The Groundlings" (Lewis) to "Dr. Horrible" (Day) to "EffinFunny (Parikh) to "that Cheetos commercial" (Day).   Mitch Wagner, the Copper Robot was the able moderator for tonight's event.

Season Three of "The Guild" will premiere this summer, and word has it they may have a machinima project within SL upcoming with World2Worlds.