Sunday, March 04, 2007

X3D Couture Separates

I ran across the designs at X3D Apparel through the Fashion Consolidated group - it wasn't a label I was familiar with, so I thought I would take a peek and see what was there. Digit Darkes has her shop separated into sections, and along one wall she has this funky glam area just chock full of mix and match pieces. Black sequins, tulle, leather, vinyl, ruffles, mostly in black and white, with silver and gold accents. So many choices!! I gave the Half Tulle skirt (250L$) a try with the Black Sequin Tube Top (200L$, above) and really liked it. The skirt is swishy without being overpowering, it sways nicely, and the kicky short ruffle in front is a fun little detail.

So of course, I *had* to go back for the full Tulle Gown (250L$) - a luscious thick black confection of delicious primmy goodness. The vinyl pants underneath add a touch of glam irreverence which I really enjoy.

I also got the Black Sequin ruffled flex miniskirt (200L$), which is very sequinned, and very mini indeed - almost a tutu - and paired it with the Black Sequin Body Suit (200L$). The Body Suit top is a nice option for covering that tummy if you want to be a little more sedate. They all mix and match nicely - so while each piece is a little pricey, it's a lot of flexibility in just a few garments.

Oh, and shoes. X3D has some very nice shoes, very unusual design with unique accents, I had to pick up a pair. These are the Glenda pumps (300L$) - they all have names from "Wicked". Including a ruby sequinned pair named after Dorothy. I love the black and white frill along the edge of these, and the rhinestone "X" in the back is such a nice unexpected touch!
I'll be looking for an excuse to wear these pieces soon.

TP to X3D: secondlife://Dacham/93/100/48
Savage Black and Moonstone Jewelry by Shiny Things
No Bangs Bun with Right Swept Bangs Hair in Crimson Blackened by ETD


Ben said...

Thank's for the link to !
I add you in my blogroll too.
I love your pictures! :)

Ben Vanguard

Lilliekins said...

Merci, Ben!

Andre said...

Rien qu'un mot Lillie, un seul: Wow!

It looks like you have found yourself a new vocation. And if it's the case, whatch out fashion world!

Merci Lillie, c'est tr├Ęs rafra├«chissant de lire ton blog!