Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sale at Pixel Dolls

Grab your Lindens and head on over to Pixel Dolls on Port Seraphine (147,26,257)for a massive outfit sale. Some of Nephilaine Protagonist's classic outfits are about to be retired. Pixel Dolls is noted for their retirement sales - this is your last chance for some of the most beautiful clothing in SL. What I love about Pixel Doll's separates is that it's so easy to mix and match them - they're like upscale Garanimals. Her blacks are delicious and consistent over the years - she uses unique and vivid colors and includes multiple layers and options in her outfits. So many options that you can layer her things with nearly any designer in world and come up with something uniquely you.

Pixel Dolls was one of the first designers whose offerings I followed religiously in (mumble, mumble) 2004, and I've been a faithful customer since. So much so that it doesn't even bother me to see outfits I bought way back then for $L150 now on sale for $L10 and $L50. They hold up over time - even some with system skirts from the ancient times - and she's been a groundbreaker in textures and colors and layer experimentation - always pushing new limits. Sorry to be such a fangirl, but I honestly do love her stuff.

See you there!