Sunday, March 11, 2007

First Impressions

For some reason there's been a rash of business suits on the grid lately, so I did some shopping (oh, woe is me!) to see what was being offered out there. I found some very nice offerings, ranging from the very simple to the very elaborate, with prices ranging up to 500LS, it seemed like a closer look was in order. I ended up choosing the Conservative Suit in Blue by Pukk Abel for First Impressions for 250L$. It also comes in Black and a very tempting wine Red.

The First Impressions suit comes with a nice belt detail on the pants and skirt layers, and I liked that the blouse was a separate layer - you can wear the suit with or without the jacket layer. I found some of the suit textures to be so dark and uniform that you couldn't really see details like the lapels or trim - and it was hard to see where the jacket ended and the pants began, but Ms. Abel does a nice job with shading, the details are nicely done and they move well with the avatar.
She also has a simpler version with slightly less detail for only 100L in both a dark and a light tintable version.

The suit does come with shoes, as well, but these shoes I fell in love with when I saw them - the Boardroom Bish in Cityscape blue by Lyra Muse for Last Call. Yummmy!

This very conservative suit also comes with this lovely Merry Widow on the under layer for that perfect touch of feminine frillieness under this very serious business suit. A good first and last impression, indeed!

TP to First Impression Main Store: secondlife://Shepherd/234/49/96
First Impressions Conservative Blue Suit by Pukk Abel
Boardroom Bish Shoes in CityScape by Lyra Muse for Last Call
"Menuet" jewelry set in Silver and Blue Opal by Lassitude and Ennui
Bridget Hair in Crimson Blackened by ETD
Hybrid II Skin in Spectral by Santana Lumiere

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