Saturday, March 17, 2007

TruCor Catamaran Launch & Fundraiser

The TruCor "Beach Cat" will make it's SL debut at the Nantucket Yacht Club on Sunday, March 18th at 7 pm SLT. All proceeds from the event will be donated to medical research in fond memory of SL resident and our friend and fellow sailor Djduerer Zou. The event is jointly sponsored by Kazenojin Seiringu, Starboard YC, Mowry Bay YC and Nantucket YC.

Come on down to the docks in Nantucket (Cuttyhunk 57,247,22) and celebrate DJ, share stories, see old friends, meet new ones, support neurological medical research, and maybe take home what promises to be a SL's latest advancement in sailing. I can't wait to try one of these!

Generally available starting March 19 at the TruCor Marina in Chong, the Beach Cat features SL's most realistic sailing scripts based on those of Kanker Greenacre using SL wind. It's designed as a light, fast and realistic sail, and is capsizable. It includes a HUD attachment for common sailing commands, and can be used for solo or collaborative sailing fun. It's non-transferrable but multiple skippers can be designated. TruCor Designs is Jacqueline Trudeau and Larinda Cordeaux.

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