Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Welcome Sight

Tonight saw the reopening of Warehouse 42 with live blues by the solid Jaggpro McCann and Blue4u Nowicka. After a bit of an absence, Zud Zaftig and the Warehouse are back in Inquestor - old faithful fans flocked to the new site and new fans appeared out of the woodwork. Good music, intelligent conversation, a nice build and great company!

Keep an eye open for events at the Warehouse 42 in Inquestor. You won't be dissapointed.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

When the Postman Spits Twice

Winner of the 2007 Machinima Filmfestival in Europe
Best Commercial: When the Postman Spits Twice - SL-Inworld Productions

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Grid Issues? Nahhhhh

Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?

Major grid problems tonight, forcing dozens of avatars to log in and get redirected to a Welcome Area. Avatars stacked on avatars, lag and bling and grey textures galore. Oldbies and newbies formed a pile of green dots on the map. Unable to teleport out, the body count rises.

One noob asks "Hey guys was there any problems tonight with SL? ive been trying for ages to log in?"

Ummm, nope! Just you!! ;)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Avatar as Mask

Robbie Dingo explores the use of avatar faces as masks behind which we experience SL and each other. Avatars simultaneously hide and reveal our selves to the greater world. The video highlights our differences as well as our similarities. Enjoy!


The Windlight viewer is back, and folks are having all kinds of fun playing with it's functionality. Torley's WindLight tips explain a ton of the options and effects that can be achieved with the viewer.

Known issues and bugs with Windlight are listed on the Jira.

Snapzilla is showing off WindLight pics like this by Tweed Silvera...

They're starting a new album of WindLight pics, the address for inclusion in the album is

For a bunch of info on the First Look Windlight Viewer by Jeremy Linden, check the Knowledge Base Article of the Week on the official blog.

Happy tweaking!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Across the World

Pixel Dolls has some new releases this week, and I just could not resist this dress, called Across the World. This luscious confection has Nephilaine Protagonist's trademark rich texturing and detailed drawing. The flexi sleeves flutter daintily and the flexi skirt is a deep lush brocade that moves nicely and (at least in the Windlight viewer) has a bit of a taffeta shine on the skirt lining. It comes in several lush Pixel Dolls colors, and all layers, all for $250L. I may never take it off.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

OMG Shoes from Insolence

Considering the fact that I have a giant SL shoe fetish, I can't believe that this is my first shoe posting. :O It is just not possible.

I ran across these shoes in the FashCon notices a while back - they're newish sculptie shoes from Insolence, famed maker of oh-so-yummy lingerie, now turned couture cobbler.

They come in two sizes, many colors, two finishes, and are modifiable, so the ankle strap doesn't go through longer or thicker ankles - I just love the way they look - nice clean lines and the shoe clothing piece doesn't mangle your ankle joint so that your limbs look like they were broken to fit into the darn shoe. Too many cruel shoes in SL! The Elise shoe gives a nicely turned ankle that's doesn't make you squeamish to look at!

Elise sculpted black vinyl stilettos, at Insolence in Venom, $399L.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Second Life filmmaker Rob Wright (Robbie Dingo) collaborates with electronic musician Kirsty Hawkshaw for the Millions of Us first Artist-in-Residence Program.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Mean Girls

If you're looking for mean girls, you've come to the wrong place.

However, the Mean Girls Guide to SL is the right place. ;) It's one of those guilty pleasures that I have on my reading list - and they're also looking for writers. So, if you're mean, petty, smart, witty, and have a razor sharp tongue and lightning comebacks, you may have found your home!