Thursday, March 15, 2007

In Trouble (Again)

These two "Trouble" separates from Pixel Dolls have quickly become one of my favorites! The trouble shirt is a nubbly weave and has extra long sleeves due to the glove sleeves layer. It's a very sexy off the shoulder look, that manages to move very well with the avie, despite being a very difficult part of the template to cover smoothly. It tapers into sort of a handkerchief bottom, and has a very nice decolletage.

The back of the shirt is simply luscious. A simple knot, very high up between the shoulder blade, leaves the back tantalizingly bare. It's very nicely done! The "Trouble" jeans come in a variets of washes and colors, they're low but not toooo low, with nice detail and edging and seams. They also come in both pants and undies layer for wearing with boots.

The Feathered Navajo Boots by Jax Huskerdu are quickly becoming my favorite boots! I just love the white prim flexi feathers and fringe! They're just a lot of fun to wear !! Jax's boots are available at SHOP SOGO in Sokri, Sokri (77, 84, 78).

Trouble Shirt in White by Pixel Dolls
Trouble Jeans in Indigo by Pixel Dolls
Feathered Navajo Boots by Jax Huskerdu for Hi-Jax
*SS* Forget Me Not jewelry set by Simply Spoiled

Radiant Hair in Dark Brown by ETD
Hybrid II Skin in Spectral by Santana Lumiere

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