Saturday, March 31, 2007

*Ambergris* Tango Dots

I stopped by Ambergris Baphomet's shop today to see what's new and I found this luscious little number, the "Tango Dots" dress. It's a fun little dress, the flexi skirt is very fluttery and flouncy, and the panels are sheer and overlapping, so you're never left "out in the cold", so to speak. The underskirt layer is black above and sheer below, same color as the dots, which enhances the deep colors. The sleeve cuffs are prim attachments, and the belt is part of the shirt layer.

I've been a big fan of hers for a long time - her designs are unique and tend toward the gothic range, lots of reds and blacks and some really rich golds. She has a few items that buck that trend, this one does that delightfully!

Tango Dots comes in gold, pink, green, purple, red, blue, and sells for 200L$.

Ambergris Deadly Fashions is in Knot (209, 62, 81)

*Ambergris* Tango Dots in Pink by Ambergris Baphomet
Cailyn's Amethyst Teardrop jewelry set by Cailyn Miller
JUNK Red Bangle by Koge Cleaver
*SM* Black Strappy Pumps by Sylfie Minogue
Pixie hair in Black/Pink by ETD
Skin Hybrid II Spectral by Santana Lumiere

Thursday, March 29, 2007

ElectroAcoustic Fusion Concert Schedule

The Electroacoustic Fusion group (EAF) has a handy dandy little web schedule that I've linked to - we all know how easy it is to find event listings in world.

The web site is here: EAF Concert Schedule

Constantly updated, and it's got everyone's regular gigs on there as well!

The group is growing by leaps and bounds - feel free to join the group if you like what you hear and want to hear more! Or, check the schedule.
I also made this little 2-prim musician's tip jar above for aspiring live performers - it's available on for free should you be so inclined - copy/mod/transfer, my gift to the musical community. It's shiny enough so folks can see it from a distance, low spam, and doesn't embarrass your audience by shouting out how cheap they are. :P

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yo Mama

Just because it makes me giggle.
"I collared your Mom" Tshirt by Launa Fauna.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Natural Selection Studios

I ran across these SL tutorial videos recently by Bebop Vox and the crew over at Natural Selection Studios. They're very well done, with simple yet effective graphics, clear audio, and good humor. The Second Life tutorial series is called "Noob Be Gone".

The first video in the series covers the fine art of camera work in SL, including those basic skills such as "how to sit" and the all-important "panty check".

The second video in the "Noob Be Gone" series is on building. It's quite well done, and uses the same brand of irreverent humor as the first. I think I'll be handing out this link to many a noob in the future.

I must admit, my favorite part is the opening credits on episode two, the running of the noobs.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oh! Bossa Nova Freebies at Relika!

Tons of new freebies this week!

First, from Moire Georgette of Bossa Nova, she's used her signature texture to make this lovely flex dress on the top, which is available in her shop in Dos Corazones for only 1L$. Similar to her lovely Mariana dresses, the dress can appear almost sheer in some lights, so be forewarned!

She's had the bikini available for a while, and it comes in a variety of configurations and layers. It includes a bikini or thong bottom and a bra cup or halter top. Very nice! Also, only 1L$. Bossa Nova secondlife://Dos Corazones/79/122/25

Next up is Rosemary Galbraith of Oh! What a Neat ... Boutique and her newest freebie, the Sequined Flexi Dress in Aqua - very cute, very sassy, nicely done and the prim bow sits just right along the belt. It's very sweet and you just can't beat the price. She has quite a few sequinned items at the moment and I am a sucker for her corsets. ;) Oh! What a Neat ... Boutique secondlife://Seonggye/82/92/601

Last but not least is the package of freebies from Relika Itamae - she's put together three lovely jacket-layer sweaters with very chic prim neck scarves in blue/black, green/gold and a deep purple. On the top, a bohemian layered look with the La Belle Skirt by Material Squirrel and purple ballet flats from Kitty's Rampage. On the bottom, a preppier look with the blue plaid pants from TART. Relika secondlife://Eventide South/128/199/26

Girls best friend jewelry set by Pasha Korvin of ~KorvinKreations~
Radiant Hair in Dark Brown by ETD
Skin Hybrid II Spectral by Santana Lumiere of Nevermore Studios

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

TruCor Catamaran Fundraiser - Update

The Catamaran launch in Nantucket this past weekend was quite a success.

Jacqueline Trudeau of TruCor announced that seventy-two catamarans were sold during the event, and the proceeds will be donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation in the name of Djduerer Zou. Thanks to all who attended and helped out and supported the event.

See you on the water!

Monday, March 19, 2007

My Second Life

In another example of serial Second Life machinima, here is the first episode of "My Second Life". Shot entirely in SL. The premise? A man by the name of Molotov Alva disappears myseriously in RL California. An avatar by the same name finds himself suddenly in SL.

Submitted for your approval, Episode One.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

TruCor Catamaran Launch & Fundraiser

The TruCor "Beach Cat" will make it's SL debut at the Nantucket Yacht Club on Sunday, March 18th at 7 pm SLT. All proceeds from the event will be donated to medical research in fond memory of SL resident and our friend and fellow sailor Djduerer Zou. The event is jointly sponsored by Kazenojin Seiringu, Starboard YC, Mowry Bay YC and Nantucket YC.

Come on down to the docks in Nantucket (Cuttyhunk 57,247,22) and celebrate DJ, share stories, see old friends, meet new ones, support neurological medical research, and maybe take home what promises to be a SL's latest advancement in sailing. I can't wait to try one of these!

Generally available starting March 19 at the TruCor Marina in Chong, the Beach Cat features SL's most realistic sailing scripts based on those of Kanker Greenacre using SL wind. It's designed as a light, fast and realistic sail, and is capsizable. It includes a HUD attachment for common sailing commands, and can be used for solo or collaborative sailing fun. It's non-transferrable but multiple skippers can be designated. TruCor Designs is Jacqueline Trudeau and Larinda Cordeaux.

Kori Travanti

I've been a fan of Kori's since she got dragged into SL last September, with her brand of eclectic instrumental electroacoustic fusion. Most of her music is her own original composition, with many diverse influences. It's very melodic and flowing and peaceful. She brings much of her own life into her music, in some ways it's very autobiographical. She's written some new pieces that she's added to her concerts in which she plays the flute, inspired by the history of the Nez Perce tribe, which is truly haunting in its simple beauty.

Kori is a delightful person. She's jumped right into the SL community and into performing - learning about the ups and downs of SL life and riding the bugs and waves with graceful aplomb alongside her growing and faithful audience.

I catch her shows whenever I can - she's a wonderful performer - stop by next time you see her in the events listings! She plays an ever-widening list of venues.

The photo above was taken in the Future Perfect sim, in Luna Bliss' delightful Garden Center and Nature Area. (213, 57, 52)

Check out Kori's My Space page and her Kori Tunes page lots more info as well. She keeps much of her SL performance schedules up there, as well as links to buy her CDs.

Thank you so much, Kori! Always a delight!

Friday, March 16, 2007

My Home in Caledon

Chance Takashi's beautiful "vintage" video about his home and his creative world in Caledon was featured in New World Notes His Observatory and Ruins are located in Caledon Highlands. His sense of humor and wonder at the SL world and Caledon translate well!

Elven Dresses at Avilion

One of the things that I find so unique to Second Life is the sense of community that you find in certain places. So many of the folks who create in SL are not here to make a buck, because they read you can be an instant millionaire in Business Week. One of the ways that the SL residents give back to the community is in the form of that favorite of all, the freebie. Because of the sacred nature of the freebie gift to the community, there's one category of resident that is reviled as the most repellant of all the shady characters in SL , the lowest of the low - the freebie reseller. I shiver to think on it.

Fortunately, these low-lifes are few and far between. Those who value community and still make and distribute freebies to the world are wonderful people, and I hope to recognize some of them regularly. One such is the community of Avilion, a medieval community with an Elven flair that has three RPG sims called Avilion Mist, Avilion Isle, and Avilion Grove. The builds there are deliciously ornate, lush, and inviting. They have a spectacular ballroom that just has to be seen to be appreciated. And it's all free.

During one of my many visits to the Avilion sims, I stumbled across a freebie box of Elven gowns. Being a freebie maven, I of course snagged one, and found that they were quite nice indeed! Simple garments with lovely textures, that immediately bring one into character in the medieval setting. Created by Oracle Stonebender, they're a generous addition to the freebie offerings in Second Life. The gowns come in many colors, this midnight blue, a forest green, a shiny silver, and this rich black.

There's even a pants option in the silver tapestry texture, and all the garments are copy/mod/transfer, in true orthodox freebie tradition.

My personal favorite is the silver tapestry gown - I just love the rich textures on the fabric and it has a lovely glow to it. Dance the night away in this freebie elven gown. It's magical.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

In Trouble (Again)

These two "Trouble" separates from Pixel Dolls have quickly become one of my favorites! The trouble shirt is a nubbly weave and has extra long sleeves due to the glove sleeves layer. It's a very sexy off the shoulder look, that manages to move very well with the avie, despite being a very difficult part of the template to cover smoothly. It tapers into sort of a handkerchief bottom, and has a very nice decolletage.

The back of the shirt is simply luscious. A simple knot, very high up between the shoulder blade, leaves the back tantalizingly bare. It's very nicely done! The "Trouble" jeans come in a variets of washes and colors, they're low but not toooo low, with nice detail and edging and seams. They also come in both pants and undies layer for wearing with boots.

The Feathered Navajo Boots by Jax Huskerdu are quickly becoming my favorite boots! I just love the white prim flexi feathers and fringe! They're just a lot of fun to wear !! Jax's boots are available at SHOP SOGO in Sokri, Sokri (77, 84, 78).

Trouble Shirt in White by Pixel Dolls
Trouble Jeans in Indigo by Pixel Dolls
Feathered Navajo Boots by Jax Huskerdu for Hi-Jax
*SS* Forget Me Not jewelry set by Simply Spoiled

Radiant Hair in Dark Brown by ETD
Hybrid II Skin in Spectral by Santana Lumiere

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bossa Nova

Moire Georgette has done it again. I was hanging out in SL, minding my own business, when I got a notice from the Fashion Consolidated group, that Bossa Nova had some new dresses out. Opening the pics she'd enclosed , I was immediately intrigued by the Leia dress. It had a very 60's retro mod look to it with little cap sleeves and a fun bubbly print. I immediately ran over to take a closer look. My only question was "What color?" I have a really bad habit of always choosing the black option, so I really didn't want to do that AGAIN. How predictable! The options for the Leia dress are yellow, pink, black, and a very springy multicolor bubbles on white. I hemmed and hawed and chatted with the very lovely Moire when I got a closer view of the Joana. I decided that if I got the Joana in a non-black color, then I could get the Leia in black, rationalizing that it all balanced out.

So, that's how I came to purchase the Joana dress as well - I simply could not resist its sweet lines, the impeccably finished bodice, and the most perfect little prim bow at the bustline.
And the funky new diamond heeled sandals from Paper Couture match each one perfectly!

TP to Bossa Nova: Dos Corazones/79/122/25
bossa nova Leia dress in black by Moire Georgette
diamond heels in black by Lu Mare for p.c. couture
Black and White pearl droplet earrings by Caroline Apollo

bossa nova Joana dress in red by Moire Georgette
diamond heels in white by Lu Mare for p.c. couture
Bauble II earrings by Miriel Enfield
HF Silver Heart Pendant by Cricket Sunchaser

Pixie Hair in Black by ETD
Hybrid II Skin in Spectral by Santana Lumiere

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Avatars and Identity

Interesting article on Clickable Culture today, on this week's South by Southwest conference lecture "The Imago Effect: Avatar Psychology" given by Harvey Smith of Midway Games in Texas.

Why do folks choose the avatars they choose to represent themselves? In an environment such as SL, where the customization of one's avatar is almost unlimited, how do you decide what is "me" and what is "not me"?

Masks and archetypes and self, oh my!

Monday, March 12, 2007


If Second Life isn't a game, what is it?

MSBNC tries to wrap it's brain around Second Life.

In a nice change of pace from the "ZOMG penises!!!" type of hyperwedgie reporting we're used to around our little world, MSNBC waxes philosophical about residents and content and what exactly to call SL if it's not a "game".

Read it. Level up. ;)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

First Impressions

For some reason there's been a rash of business suits on the grid lately, so I did some shopping (oh, woe is me!) to see what was being offered out there. I found some very nice offerings, ranging from the very simple to the very elaborate, with prices ranging up to 500LS, it seemed like a closer look was in order. I ended up choosing the Conservative Suit in Blue by Pukk Abel for First Impressions for 250L$. It also comes in Black and a very tempting wine Red.

The First Impressions suit comes with a nice belt detail on the pants and skirt layers, and I liked that the blouse was a separate layer - you can wear the suit with or without the jacket layer. I found some of the suit textures to be so dark and uniform that you couldn't really see details like the lapels or trim - and it was hard to see where the jacket ended and the pants began, but Ms. Abel does a nice job with shading, the details are nicely done and they move well with the avatar.
She also has a simpler version with slightly less detail for only 100L in both a dark and a light tintable version.

The suit does come with shoes, as well, but these shoes I fell in love with when I saw them - the Boardroom Bish in Cityscape blue by Lyra Muse for Last Call. Yummmy!

This very conservative suit also comes with this lovely Merry Widow on the under layer for that perfect touch of feminine frillieness under this very serious business suit. A good first and last impression, indeed!

TP to First Impression Main Store: secondlife://Shepherd/234/49/96
First Impressions Conservative Blue Suit by Pukk Abel
Boardroom Bish Shoes in CityScape by Lyra Muse for Last Call
"Menuet" jewelry set in Silver and Blue Opal by Lassitude and Ennui
Bridget Hair in Crimson Blackened by ETD
Hybrid II Skin in Spectral by Santana Lumiere

Saturday, March 10, 2007

This One Time at Band Camp....

If you're going to encourage camping, have the good sense to have the campers be picturesque.

Friday, March 09, 2007


This hilarious little machinima is a promo by the hysterically creative duo of BooBooKittie Haight and Phaylen Fairchild for "DiVAS", SL's first TV show.

Produced and shot in Second Life, the show is slated to debut in May! I can't wait!

Check out the interview with the DiVAS in Appearance Mode.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Myst Online Uru

I happened upon the Myst Online Uru build quite by accident, and teleported over to take a peek at what was there.

The build does a really nice job of recreating the feel of the Myst Games - the rich textures, the outlandish plant and animal life, and the haunting sense that this space has only just recently been abandoned.....

The island is littered with little caves, sliding doors, videos, a free goody bag and enticements to visit the web site and try the game for free.

There are a few puzzles and embedded teleports that give the feel of the "through the book" travel that Myst employs in their games. There's also a D'Ni, a bracelet in the freebie box that allows you to "hear" the teleport sound, but as the island is "NO BUILD" I wasn't able to open the box to find that out until later.

Myst Online Uru utilizes a number of building techniques, including shiny, so make sure you have shiny and local lighting on, and they recommend ramping your draw distance up to 512 m and changing the the world setting to full noon.

The oddness of being in an online 3D environment that was replicating the look and feel of another 3D online environment was inescapable. I was hoping for a few Myst- type puzzles, but it's a fun visit and a strikingly beautiful build. Kudos!

To visit: Myst Online Uru/159/76/26

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Invisible friends

If you've ever teleported into a spot and not been able to find one or more of the avatars, and waiting and waiting for them to rez just isn't doing the trick, you may have run across the invisible avatar bug. Chat is visible, and you might hear typing, or even an attachment or two, but there's no avatar to be seen!

There's a handy dandy little trick for getting invisible avatars to show up - simply go into the group menu and change your active group title - and voila! Those pesky invisible friends will be gone, and replaced by truly visible avatars!

If that doesn't work, a relog might do the trick, or your friends might just be hiding. ;)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Hello, Linden Labs?

" I've lost my packets."

Sunday, March 04, 2007

X3D Couture Separates

I ran across the designs at X3D Apparel through the Fashion Consolidated group - it wasn't a label I was familiar with, so I thought I would take a peek and see what was there. Digit Darkes has her shop separated into sections, and along one wall she has this funky glam area just chock full of mix and match pieces. Black sequins, tulle, leather, vinyl, ruffles, mostly in black and white, with silver and gold accents. So many choices!! I gave the Half Tulle skirt (250L$) a try with the Black Sequin Tube Top (200L$, above) and really liked it. The skirt is swishy without being overpowering, it sways nicely, and the kicky short ruffle in front is a fun little detail.

So of course, I *had* to go back for the full Tulle Gown (250L$) - a luscious thick black confection of delicious primmy goodness. The vinyl pants underneath add a touch of glam irreverence which I really enjoy.

I also got the Black Sequin ruffled flex miniskirt (200L$), which is very sequinned, and very mini indeed - almost a tutu - and paired it with the Black Sequin Body Suit (200L$). The Body Suit top is a nice option for covering that tummy if you want to be a little more sedate. They all mix and match nicely - so while each piece is a little pricey, it's a lot of flexibility in just a few garments.

Oh, and shoes. X3D has some very nice shoes, very unusual design with unique accents, I had to pick up a pair. These are the Glenda pumps (300L$) - they all have names from "Wicked". Including a ruby sequinned pair named after Dorothy. I love the black and white frill along the edge of these, and the rhinestone "X" in the back is such a nice unexpected touch!
I'll be looking for an excuse to wear these pieces soon.

TP to X3D: secondlife://Dacham/93/100/48
Savage Black and Moonstone Jewelry by Shiny Things
No Bangs Bun with Right Swept Bangs Hair in Crimson Blackened by ETD

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Virtual Angels Yard Sale

Head on over to the Virtual Angels Yard Sale over in the Useful Technology Sim, and bring a friend or six. They'll thank you. Designer Simone Stern and a group of friends and supporters have been having a charity yard sale to raise money for Ayeshe Millions, who is suffering from an Acoustic Neuroma in RL, and needs to travel to the US for medical treatment.

Seemingly acre upon acre of sale items, most of them by Simone Stern, and none of them priced over 100L$. Some of Simone's retired designs are here as well. Skins, jewelry, hair, shoes, even furniture, all under $100L$. I didn't know what the charity part of the yard sale was for, and happened to ask Ayeshe herself about it! She was very gracious and filled me in on what the Virtual Angels organization and yard sale was all about.

More information on the Virtual Angels efforts are here at Ayeshe's Blog Ayeshe's Angels

Response from the community has been very strong, I've had this landmark handed to me by at least half a dozen people. On occasion, the sim is full, so keep trying!

Here's the slurl:

And good luck and good health to Ayeshe!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fox Discovers Second Life

Kirsten Powers of Fox News discovers Second Life and goes hunting for Senator John Edwards campaign, among other things.

Read here what the Second Life Herald has to say.