Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Andromeda at Last Call

Ginny Talamasca of Last Call has done it again! She's got a fantastic new release out in her shop - a limited release - in six colors - all for 1L$ each!

Andromeda comes in a deep ruby red, amethyst, antique gold, apatite (teal) , emerald, and sapphire, each deeper and more lustrous than the last. As an added plus, they're all spelled correctly, too! ;) I love the strappy back on it, as well! The skirts move nicely, and the double hem is extremely well done! Two skirts are included, one is very full and the other is slimmer.

Pictured above is the Andromeda in apatite with the skinny skirt. I cannot resist teal!

They're for sale for approximately two and a half weeks so get there soon - TP your friends to Last Call at Dazzle! They'll be glad you did!

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