Friday, July 20, 2007

Encore, Bossa Nova!

Both Encore and Bossa Nova released new items this week, and as those are two of my favorite design houses, I had to check them out.

Tracy Scofield of Encore has taken up jewelry design, and has some delicious offerings in black and white pearls, necklaces and earrings, to mix and match. Her first jewelry offering is the Timeless pearl collection. The textures are delicious, and the pearls are nicely strung. The necklaces come in double and single strand, knotted, and a sort of choker with a teardrop version. She has created four sets of earrings; teardrop, chain, double chain or hoop earrings. Decisions abound! Everything comes in black or white versions. Necklaces are $100L and earrings are $50L, so if you just can't decide, you can buy them all!
Encore is at Estates/112/214/24

Moire Georgette's designs of Bossa Nova have become one of the staples of my SL wardrobe. Whether you want casual, kicky, retro, classy, fun, or elegant, Bossa Nova has something for you. She released two new dresses this week, including the Clove above, shown in Lilac. It's an elegant design, with very subtle folds. The ribbon edging has a lovely satiny shine to it, and once I pulled the prim bow out of my boob, it sat nicely on my collar and waved hello. :)

Moire is also retiring some of her older designs, so she's having a very nice sale on some of her soon-to-dissapear outfits. Prices as low as $50L! Get over there now before they're gone forever!! Bossa Nova is at

Clove dress in Lilac by Georgette Moire of Bossa Nova
Vamp Veronica Sandals in Rose by Lyra Muse for Last Call
Timeless White Pearl Double Strand Necklace and Chain Earrings by Tracy Scofield of Encore
Radiant Hair in Dark Brown by Elika Tirmasu of ETD
Skin Hybrid II in Spectral by Santana Lumiere of Nevermore Studios

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