Friday, July 06, 2007

auntie elsie by /artilleri/

I stopped in to see what was new at /artilleri/, as I haven't been to the main store since Antonia Marat moved to her own sim. I found this delicious little summery number and hemmed and hawed over what color to get it in. I never never get yellow, as it's a color I can't really wear in RL (can you say jaundice?) but it just looked so irresistably cool and summery in the yellows and greens that she chose, that I had to make an exception!

The auntie elsie dress comes in blue, green, red, brown and yellow - at 200L$ a pop or 600L$ for all five colors. The flexi prim skirt is flouncy, with a net crinoline beneath - enough bounce and movement to suggest a breeze, but not a frequent flasher flexi. ;) The little prim bow is sweet but not saccharine.

Fun to wear and very well done!! /artilleri/ is one of those Second Life shops that has consistent quality and consistently imaginitive new designs, with some fifties funk and down home diner casual influence - if you haven't been you really should check it out, it's a great build and a really nice shopping experience.

auntie elsie dress in yellow by Antonia Marat of /artilleri/
White and Black Mules by Lassitude and Ennui
Deese Aero gold jewelry by Ginny Talamasca of Dazzle
Bonita Hair in Mahogany by ETD
Skin Hybrid II Spectral by Santana Lumiere

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