Friday, February 23, 2007


I saw this new dress on the Analise Fashions Blog and just had to slink over there and take a little peek. It's called, appropriately enough, the Cat's Meow, and it comes in multiple jewel toned colors on a fun leopard print; a deep Red, a teal Blue, a rich Purple and an emerald Green.

I couldn't resist the teal blue and so I snatched it up. The leopard print is fun, and the flexi prim skirt is poofy without being explosive. The satin corset gives it just a little bit of retro sass, I might even dig around to see if I have some long satin black gloves to give it that extra '40s Hollywood glam look.

I just love the detail at the dual layer hem and it matches my favorite Lassitude and Ennui mules. Bonus!

TP to Analise secondlife://Plush Kappa/215/210/22

Cat's Meow Dress by Talyn Barrett of Analise Fashions

Cats Eye Glasses by Frameworks

Silver and Blue Opal Jewelry by Lassitude and Ennui

Midnight Blue Leather Mules by Lassitude and Ennui

Pixie Black with Blue Hair by ETD

Hybrid II Skin in Spectral tone by Nevermore Studios

Shape is homemade :P

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