Monday, February 19, 2007

The eternal noob

Not everything works the way you expect in SL!

Another skin experiment that turned out well. Rowr!!

Meditating or plotting trouble - it's so hard to tell the difference.

Sometimes you just have to let your inner child out.

I like to make things that are useful. This asshat comes in handy.

Puff likes to sail with me.

You just can't take everything so seriously.

One of my favorite profile pics.

Occasionally I am a blonde, but not very often. Someone I can't stand told me once I make a good looking blonde, so I tend to stay auburn or brunette. :P

My very first homemade avatar. She has a baaaad attitude.
And she smokes. Naughty faerie!

Enjoying Loth's particles in Mocha.

One of the very first pics of Lillie in SL.

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ElishaCat said...

I still think you need to be the kitty more =^_^= but of course, I'm biased :P