Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fashion Consolidated Group

Some of the best ideas seem to be the simplest ones.

Honey Fairweather has come up with a way to work around the 25 group limit for all of us fashion mavens. She's created a group called "Fashion Consolidated" and the idea is truly a stroke of genius. For folks who constantly hit the group limits and have to decide which of your truly necesary groups to drop, this group is for you!

The group is growing by leaps and bounds, over 500 members so far to date, and the vendor and designer participation is expanding. I've only been a member a short time, and I've already learned of a few new designers I didnt know before, gotten a few freebies I would have missed out on, and gotten some really good updates!

Designers and vendors are limited to one notice per week so it's fairly spam-free but the amount of information is phenomenal. And, if you don't like the notices, you can always shut them off and peruse them at your leisure whenever you wish.

As of today, this is the list of vendors and designers that participate in FashCon:
(Compare this to the list less than a month ago on Second Style)

Sol Columbia (Luminosity)
Fallingwater Cellardoor(Shiny Things)
Six Kennedy (Gurl6)
Kit Maitland (CKS)
Roslin Petion (Tete A Pied)
Carryn Concord (Tickled Pink)
Ameshin Yossarian (Curious Kitties)
Keishii Roo (Goth1c0)
Rose Columbia (Wilted Rose)
Calyx Starr (-C-itten)
Jackal Ennui (Lassitude & Ennui)
Jennyfur Peregrine (Deadly Nightshade)
Nicky Ree (Nicky Ree)
Vivianne Draper (Bare Rose)
Zorena Deckard (Bare Rose and Ookami)
Miriel Enfield (Miriel)
Callie Cline (caLLie cLine at Funk)
Digit Darkes/Kelly Dilweg (X3D Apparel)
elka Lehane (Boing Fromage)
Random Calliope (Shy Neon)
Antonia Marat (artilleri)
Kaysha Sion (WRONG)
Shai Delacroix (Casa del Shai)
Canimal Zephyr (Canimal)
Elwe Eldrich (Lesser Mortals)
Aleri Darkes (Diversity Hair)
Julliette Westerburg (Tres Blah)
hyasynth Tiramisu (silentsparrow)
Yuka Itamae (Lapointe Designs)
Zoe Llewelyn (Temenos Island)
Kenny Sleeper (Kalico)
Barnesworth Anubis (Barnes Boutique)
Solange Cerveau (Solange! Fashions)
Kingston Augustus (turnstyle)
Lucas Lameth (EARTHTONES boutique)
Alaska Metropolitan (OPIUM)
Haver Cole (Lemon)
Sparkle Skye (Allure)
Etain Peregrine (Dark Eden)
Zoey Pinkdot (Digital Dragon Designs)
Gita Gaea (Shine)
Tigerlily Koi (Calla)
Popfuzz Bamboo (The PopFuzz Space Station)
Nonna Hedges (Nonna Hedges)
Blaze Columbia (Blaze Fine Fashions)
Nat Taiko (NATH Style)
Sioxie Legend (Second Wave Apparel)
Caliah Lyon (Muse)
swaffette Firefly (SL Designs)
Luve Schack (White Rabbit)
Haedon Quine (Calla)
Sarabi Spatula (Sarabi Spatula)
Stephania Marx (Synthetic Dreams)
Tenshi Vielle (Tenshi's High Fashion)
Charlotte Morellet (Soda)
Lily Valentino (Lily's Touch)
Samantha Gide/Jay Shriner ([AE] All Emerican Outfitters)
Rosemary Galbraith (OH! What a Neat Boutique)
Fiachra Lach (Essentia)
Sasy Scarborough (House of Zen)
Relika Itamae (Relika)
Pushbutton Skolnick (Pushbutton Industries)
Arielle Ceres
BooBooKittie Haight
Arkesh Baral (About Ephemeral Creations)
sachi Vixen (Dickens)
Pukk Abel (IndustriElle)
Irelyn Christensen (IndustriElle)
Mimi Syaka (Spectrum Couture)
Nephilaine Protagonist (PixelDolls, LoveLave Lingerie)
Cattrina Careless (Catt's Creations)
JW Russell (Down Undies)
Kru Flan (Kru's Boutique)
Draconic Lioncourt (Draconic Kiss)
Selena Gateaux (Goldie Locks)
Bunnee Varmint (Bunnee's Fashions)
Mimi Therian (Hello Beautiful)
Rowan Carroll (She's So Unusual Shoes)
Francesca Poppy (Poppy Designs)
Mystikal Faddoul (Mystikal Hair)
Luth Brodie (Reel Movement)
Nessinger Loveless (TART)
Ketzal Frankfurter (Radical Wook)
Mare Lu (Paper Couture)
Neferia Abel (Ivalde, Embla, Ask)
Phaylen Fairchild (Phantasy)
Chloris Hather (G.L.A.M.)
Andromeda Raine (Coconut Ice)
Yukiko Michinaga (YMNY Design Elegance)
Garbage Prototype (Random Industries)
Tori Heart (Tori-Wear, Bare Rose)
Nyte Caligari (Nyte'N'Day)
Ameshin Yossarian (Curious Kitties)
Mallory Cowen (RaC)
Radical Twang/Breezy Biddle (Reaction)
Laynie Link (LaynieWear)
Teagan Blackthorne (SYD)
Persephone Milk (Persenickety)
Launa Fauna (LF Fashions, LoveLace Lingerie)
Cleopatra Sun (Designs by Cleopatra)
Alexia Goddard (Julex Boutique)
Euterpe Zagoskin (Zagoskin Haute Couture)
Dnel DaSilva (Xessories)
Xaria Concord (Quixotic Trance)
Cailyn Miller (Cailyn's)
Kaejo DaSilva (Renegade)
Lestat and Itarille Kyomoon ( French Spirit Shop)
Caroline Apollo (Caroline's Jewelry and Lo Lo Accessories)
Noam Sprocket (Gritty Kitty)
Todd Starbrook (Last Stand Animations)
Szentasha Salome (Szentasha Fashionable And Feminine)
Ciera Bergman (Vitamin Ci)
Angelina Burali (Mad About)
Tierlia Ayres (Tier's Designs)
Aurora Walcott (Dollparts)
Angel Sienkiewicz (Angel's Designs)
Lissa Lowell/Leland Lowell (Lowells Fine Jewelry)
Morgana Fillion (Fillion-James Designs)
Iris Searle (Punch Drunk)
Autumn Heyse (Autumn Elements)
Satine Dot (Old Gravy)
Enktan Gully (enkythings)
Eponymous Trenchmouth (Jeepers Creepers)
Moire Georgette (Bossa Nova)
Creeper Creeley/Xelephine Lock (Xelephine Boutique)
Melandra Brown (Meluminations)
Marlene Simon (Sweater Girl)
Talyn Barrett (Analise)
Ana Boogiewoogie (L.A.M.E.)
Saeya Nyanda (Kyoot)
Tag Mulligan (Color Me Couture)
Analogue Montagne (Acedia)
Sally Cleanslate (Antix)
Dragontat Zagato (Desert Moon)

And, if that's not enough, there's FREE CHEESE!

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