Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Can You Hear Me Now?

Vivox today announced that it will be working with Linden Labs on its new integrated voice component. Vivox, based in Massachusetts, describes itself as "leading provider of integrated voice services for virtual worlds and online games".

In their press release, Vivox CEO Rob Seaver said "Live voice is essential to realizing the full potential of this environment, particularly for collaborative, academic and economic purposes. We are thrilled to provide this vital part of the Second Life Grid with our integrated voice service. With the intuitive design of the solution, Linden Lab will continue to set the course for virtual worlds."

Features planned for the Vivox system in second life include spatial audio, "technology licensed from DiamondWare, (which) will allow residents to hear each other based on their positions — on their left, right, far away or nearby."

Other tools will be made available within Second Life, possibly through the friends list, where members can manage their participation in conversations. Landowners will have tools to manage voice conversations on their parcels, as well.

One can only hope that the presence bugs are worked out so that those tools may be adequately utilized.

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