Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I love the Heathster!

It took me a while to line up this shot - I found it by serendipity. This is Heath performing at the Mowry Bay Pavilion. I backed up my camera just a tad too far and ended up shooting through my avie's neck and framing him in the heart of my necklace.
Heath Elvehjem is a wonderful live keyboardist in SL - he plays at a lot of venues all over SL and is getting quite popular. He's part of the group ElectrAcoustic Fusion, which has a growing list of live musicians in SL. Much of what Heath plays are his own compositions. I love attending his performances whenever I get a chance, and someday, Heath, I *will* get those Lucky Charms!!!

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Andre said...

Very nice shot Lillie! :)