Saturday, February 24, 2007


How is the Linden doing these days?

Reports vary. Everyone seems to have an opinion, however.

The Register out of the UK, calls reports about the booming SL economy downright "phony".

Meanwhile, the Dutch Bank ABN is setting up a branch in SL according to this Reuters report. All kinds of companies are lining up to get a piece of the pie.

Handy dandy little financial tools abound, along with various ways to purchase or sell Lindens. Rates vary as well, of course.

The Lindex today was offering a rate of 266L$ per $USD.

SLExchange was offering an exchange of $L290 per $USD.

Reuters was listing the exchange rate at $L267, which they pull from the SL site.

The Reuters site has a few handy dandy tools, including a nice currency converter. It uses Lindex numbers.

Second Life has a nice little economic graphs page, of note is the number of user hours shooting through the roof at SL.

Draw your own conclusions. However it does seem indisputable that a lot of activity, economic and otherwise, is happening in Second Life.

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