Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tone Uriza

I was lucky enough to meet Tone Uriza a few months ago when he was opening up his own blues club - he was planning to start performing live in SL and invited us to one of his gigs. As the blues he was playing in his club was really good stuff - I checked out his gig and was totally blown away.

Tone has taken the live blues performance community by storm. He's performing everywhere - he's not hard to find, check the events listings sometime - he's all over it. I've caught quite a few of his shows and I have never been disappointed.

He really enjoys performing, he interacts with his audience, he remembers people's names, and man, can he sing! A very sweet speaking voice and then he gets down and dirty and belts out these songs! His phrasing is so expressive, and his voice is quite an instrument. He's got a good range and he can get so gravelly you can feel it. His voice resonates and you can feel the song through him. Yes, he's THAT good.

His performances are a combination of classic and contemporary blues, including some of his own compositions. Tone genuinely seems to be having a blast up there and his audience shares in the fun.

His website is on his profile - he's a performer in RL and his band is called Tony and the Torpedoes. They're based in the Soutwest USA. He's also got a MySpace page and his CDs are available on CD Baby. He's amazing, go check him out. Request "Frigidaire Woman." You'll be glad you did.
He's opening his new club Blues Heaven this weekend in Atai. See you there! Multiple performances in Atai (9,90,22), check your local listings.

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Dorsai said...

Always can count on you to find the good things in SL!