Monday, April 09, 2007


The Electric Sheep Company has a new search engine for objects in Second Life, according to the Clickable Culture blog. Scanning SL sims daily for objects that are marked "for sale" across the entire public grid. Located at the new search engine is open to the public and ESC is looking for feedback. Search results are interactive and the list of searchable objects is growing.

For those with privacy concerns, you can visit the Electric Sheep HQ on Sheep Island and choose your privacy preferences - Opt In, Opt Out, or the default which includes only objects marked "for sale". Search FAQ and statistics here. ESC blog here with information on sending feedback.
I gave it a whirl, a cursory search for some of my shop items came up zilch, even a search of my name and the Theretra sim came up empty. Betas are fun! :)

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