Friday, April 06, 2007

Lehua the Storyteller

Lehua Lamington, storyteller extraordinaire, opened the Serenity performance venue in grand style with her unique brand of story telling. Lehua tells a delightful combination of story elements - the traditional, the fanciful, the human, the family, the supernatural, - including Hawaiian history and topography and rich culture and pulllllls her listeners into the world that she weaves around them.

Telling traditional stories with titles such as "Flying Through Pig-shaped Clouds", Lehua enchants and enthralls her audience, which only grows during the performance as friends drag in other friends for this unique type of SL live performance. Lehua uses her rich and expressive voice to tell the stories, in real time, to her rapt audience. You can hear the silence from the audience, as Lehua finishes each tale, the audience silently hoping that the story has not yet ended. Lehua's storytelling is magic.

Bravo, Lehua!

Serenity is located at Abitibi (244, 110, 50)

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Espresso said...

Lehua's performance was awesomely human and etherial. She is not to be missed.