Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Debug Menu

Torley's written a very nice guide to the debug options in the Client menu (previously the Debug menu) that I draw your attention to today.

Torley's official debug client menu tour on the Official Blog here.

If you cannot see the client menu on your SL screen, it's hidden by default, hit Ctrl-Alt-D on Windows and Linux, or Cmd-Ctrl-D on a Mac. That's "D" for debug. You'll immediately see your menu options increase by two- Client and Server menus. The goodies we're talking about today are in the Client menu.

Torley's Ten include:

10. Quiet Snapshots to Disk

9. Debug Permissions

8. Rendering > Cheesy Beacon
(I once got completely discombobulated playing with this option - it really is cheesy!)

7. World menu > Mouse Moves Sun

6. Character > Slow Motion Animations

5. Character > Rebake Textures (I can't live without this one!)

4. Disable Camera Constraints (My fave for screenshots!)

3. Joystick Flycam

2. Mouse Smoothing

1. Debug Settings - lots of goodies here! Turning off typing animations or auto-idling live here.

Happy debugging! ;)

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