Monday, April 21, 2008

Girl Friday by Icing

Girl Friday is a recent release by Miko Omegamu of Icing. It's a cute little creamy cami and grey skirt, snug and a bit slinky. The camisole is adorned with a generous pouf of flexi prim ruffles, for a nice 3D effect. The skirt is system, with very nice belt detailing, tailoring and seams, especially along the backside. The demure little number can be dressed up or down. I am a complete sucker for a naughty librarian outfit! ;)

Icing is one of those really reliable shops where you know whatever you buy is going to look even better on you than it does in the advertisement. The ruffled prim attaches to the chest, so necklace options can be a bit tricky, and it may need some adjustment depending on your chest topography.

Girl Friday is 250L$ at the main store in Mischief Cove. New freebies as well! SLURL here:

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