Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Welcome Sight

Tonight saw the reopening of Warehouse 42 with live blues by the solid Jaggpro McCann and Blue4u Nowicka. After a bit of an absence, Zud Zaftig and the Warehouse are back in Inquestor - old faithful fans flocked to the new site and new fans appeared out of the woodwork. Good music, intelligent conversation, a nice build and great company!

Keep an eye open for events at the Warehouse 42 in Inquestor. You won't be dissapointed.


Jeff Beckenbauer said...

A wonderful night of Dancing and Blues ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey All ,Thanks again to all that made it lastnite what a great kick-off to the incredible year ahead.
A special shout out and thanks to Lillie G.
Hope to see all of u soon :)
Zud Zaftig

Anonymous said...

Thanks For all that came out for the Grand Opening Of the Warehouse Forty Two.WE are very happy to be back, Thanks To Lillie For the great wright up. Looking forward to seeing you all again.
Sofie Mercy

Larissa said...

I really wanted to check this out but I just got messages that I was unable to enter due to not being on access list :(

Lilliekins said...

Thanks, Larissa - it's now open and accessible again!

Andre Richelieu said...

It's bAAAAaaack!
And what a nice thing it is for us SLers!
Welcome back Zud and thanks Lillie for communicating the good news.

Jeff Beckenbauer said...

Larissa I think Zud must "lock up" and have certain hours of operation (I am guessing) because I logged out there that night but the next time I logged in I was over in the neighboring plot. So keep checking :)